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Lazy-ass people

So today I did some errands after I passed my last final exam and I’m waiting in line to pay for my stuff. There’s always that one person in line ahead of you who didn’t count their change beforehand and they’re digging through their purse or pocket for whatever change they got to be able to come up with the sum total of what they bought. 

I work in retail and have been in that situation where I’m working the cash register and having some bum with sweaty dirty fingers fish through a wad of quarters, dimes and nickels to pay for something worth $5 and above, I have to help them count the money because they just throw it on the counter expecting me to do it for them. 

There should be a policy and a sign posted somewhere that says, “PLEASE COUNT YOUR COIN CHANGE BEFOREHAND! WE ARE NOT HERE TO HOLD YOUR HAND!”

I swear, people are fuckin’ lazy!

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