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This guy comes in every time I’m working my shift and he would buy lottery scratchers; he would never actually play them properly but would only scratch the three digit code and then he’ll check to see if he won anything. Then he will continually do this until the money he wins decreases in value. Then when he completely loses he’ll say, “I should’ve stopped when I won the $20”. In my mind, I want to say, “You should’ve stopped. Period!”

What’s wrong with people?

Customer guy comes in to buy Marlboro reds, total came out to $5.66 including sales tax. He gives me $22.66 so I can put the $17 remaining change for gas on his car. Except, he gave me only $22.21 ($20 bill, $2 in quarters, two dimes and a penny) so he’s $0.45 short. I notified him that he is short but he insisted that he gave me the right amount without coming back to look at the amount he gave me even though I counted it out twice on the counter to make sure.

So, with $22.21, I tendered the amount so the change for the remaining gas is $16.55. After he dispensed his gas, he came back wondering why I didn’t put $17. I explained to him again that he was short $0.45. He wasn’t having it. He stormed out, got in his car and parked and went back in to ask for my name. I gladly gave it to him and he left with a sarcastic and attempt to intimidate tone that he will make a complaint. To which I said, “ok, thank you”. He turned around and said, “you can’t talk to a customer like that”

Like what? The truth? I am not going to get in trouble just because you failed your simple math calculation with your money. Just to prove he gave me the right amount, at the end of my shift, my balance was zero. Which means, I was neither over or short $0.45

So, he can make complaints all he wants. He’s going to lose this petty argument over 45 cents!

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